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You speak and you write. A pen becomes your voice and ink its soul.

Let's meet the essence.


Ink feeder

The ink feeding system is one of the most important parts of any fountain pen. It’s the heart and the engine of a fountain pen. Its function is to allow the ink to flow through the ink channel to the nib and on to the paper. It consists of an ink channel, an air channel and pressure equalization chambers.


B4 fountain pen has a quality steel nib with an iridium tip for a long service life. Along with the feeding system, the nib is one of the integral parts of the fountain pen. The quality and comfort of writing depends on the material and processing of the nib. A good pen glides easily across the paper, regardless of the thickness of the line it writes.

Grip zone

Grip zone is the part of the pen in where the ink feeding system and nib are inserted in. It is ergonomically designed to enable tireless writing for long periods of time.

Ink window

Plastic part of the pen made of transparent material that allows us to see the amount of ink left in the reservoir.

Barrel with piston mechanism

The part of the fountain pen that contains the piston mechanism and the ink.

Cap decorative ring

A metal part that can be chrome plated or gold plated with 24 carat gold. A logo or inscription can be engraved on it with a laser.


The cap with a fine thread seals the fountain pen and prevents it from drying out.


Metal part of the pen that serves to clip the pen to a pocket or paper. It is made of metal, which can be chrome plated or gold plated with 24 carat gold.

End cap

Metal part of the pen, which serves to connect the clip with the cap. It can be laser engraved. Like all metal parts, the end cap can be chrome or gold plated.

Tradition & family

There’s a human behind every message.

We have been creating them with our customers since 1967. As a family and a development-oriented company with 67 employees, we are one of the leading manufacturers of pens, roller ball pens, and inks in Europe. Our development is based on good business relationships, innovative ideas, quality, and flexibility.

Years of history

We crate for those who write


Inovation is the Future

Our experiences speak for itself

Innovation supports technological and economic excellence of our products and services. With the CIP system (continuous improvement process), we are trying to animate and motivate employees to be actively involved in the automation and technological development. Our advantages are many years of experiences and our own know-how. The company provides social security for employees with continuous training of human resources to enable the development and manufacture of world-class products to retain customers, conquer new markets and to motivate employees to remain loyal to Vivapen.

Fountain pens

Fountain pens are our flagship products. We developed different ink feeding systems that fit different styles of nibs and all are treated with eco-friendly plasma treatment. Our ink feeding systems can be found in many major European brands as most of our fountain pens are made as an OEM partnership, meaning we can develop a pen to customer's wishes, from a sketch to the mass production.

We can also offer more than 10 of our own models, assembled with iridium nibs (EF, F, M, B) or calligraphy nibs (from 0,8mm to 2,7mm). We offer fountain pens that are refilled with ink cartridges and ink convertors as well as classic piston fountain pens.

Roller Ball pens

All our fountain pen models can also be made as rollerball pens. All we need is to use a rollerball ink feeding system which was also developed by us. The advantages of our rollerball ink feeding system are fast activation, smooth writing and a cap-off time of more than 72 hours. We offer rollerball tips with 0,5mm and 0,7mm writing width.

Felt-tip pens, markers and fineliners

Felt-tip pens, markers and fineliners are the simplest pens within pen production, but still require a lot of attention during production and quality checks as they must comply to standards referring to toys. We offer a wide range of sizes, colours, printing techniques and nib types that can cover the needs of preschool children, students, calligraphy enthusiasts, artists and anybody else who loves colours.

Ink erasers

Ink eraser chemically neutralises acidic characteristic of blue dye in ink, allowing you to easily erase and correct the mistakes made while writing. We offer different kinds of nibs as well as different kinds of printing techniques, such as pad print, silk screen print and foil print.

Ink cartridges

Most fountain pens use ink filled into ink cartridges. We pack our wide range of color-reduction inks into four standardized cartridge models.


We offer more than 150 shades of ink, from standard erasable blue to Pantone colours of the year. Shades can also be developed to customer’s wishes. We fill the inks in containers, ink bottles and 4 kinds of ink cartridges.