Innovation and development

"Good ideas are never old, they only have a future." Robert Mallet

The development of the tool repair workshop is recorded in the company's development strategy. Production of tools, automation of production processes, fast introduction of novelties, and our experiences are advantages that we offer to our customers.

Injection moulding of products is the core activity of pen production. Modern machines enable production of the most demanding products. Our focus on 2K injection moulding of plastic allow us to produce products that rank in the top of technology and fashion on the global market. Our production includes electric injection moulding machines that sit at the very top of the injection techniques in regards to quality and low energy consumption. They are also environmentally friendly, which is important for a sustainable development of the company.

Assembly of pens is done on quality, high-production assembly machines. Manual work of the fountain pen assembly, which requires precision and reliability, is done by qualified and experienced staff. We are equipped for all types of printing, including bespoke promotional printing according to customer order.

Inovativen dovajalni sistem črnila

Fountain pens with their own ink feeding system have been in the program since 2004. The fountain pen uses a piston system for refilling the ink. A high-quality silicone piston expels the air from the reservoir by turning the knob on the top of the barrel clockwise. Fountain pen needs to be dipped into the ink up to the grip and the knob turned counterclockwise to suck the ink into the reservoir. It should be done twice upon first use to make sure that the ink tank is full. This can be observed through the transparent window on the barrel. The remaining ink can be wiped off with a tissue and the pen is ready to write. The fountain pen has a quality steel nib with an iridium tip for a long life. All metal parts are galvanically protected to give B4 pens protection and a beautiful appearance. The grip of the fountain pen is ergonomically designed and enables long-term tireless writing.

Company’s vision, objectives, and strategy

The main objective of our company ever since 1967 are:

  • Constantly improving existing products and technologies as well as introducing new ones.
  • Reducing production costs and automation of production processes.
  • Increasing efficiency of the company by increasing the added value per employee.
  • Educating employees, social security of employees, employing new professional staff.
  • Care for the environment and production of safe products.

The main objective, based on the vision of the company, will be achieved only by the full participation of all employees with proper motivation and education.

We strive to:

  • Be fast and innovative in the development of new products.
  • Train, educate, and motivate employees to the needs of the company.
  • Raise productivity through better organisation of work with regard to quality.
  • Manage and lower production costs.
  • Develop sales channels to new areas in accordance with the market needs.

Commitment for our customers satisfaction with our products, services and relationships is our main promise and guidance for all we do at work.

Vivapen’s mission is to develop and acquire new technologies and use them to solve everyday problems of manufacturing competitive, human- and environment-friendly plastic products.

Our company is aware of the necessity of combining the production of finished products with simultaneous and continuous investment in the development thereof.

The company Vivapen d.o.o. wants to become:

  • A company that will use appropriate marketing activities and the participation of highly qualified personnel to become one of the best providers of pens and writing tools.
  • An important member in the field of development and research in the global market.
  • A global partner that will cooperate with foreign companies and contribute to the development of pens.
  • A company with a good and recognisable name, focused on end-users.
  • A company that is friendly to its employees and their families.
  • A company that is always supported by modern information and communication.
  • Environmentally friendly.

If we want to be successful, we have to use methods like nobody else. Being better is important, but not decisive. Whoever wants to be better, faster, and more efficient, has to compete with many competitors. We do not need competition for our development.

We have clear goals, a lot of knowledge and experience, a good production programme, a relatively good technological support and a relatively young, capable team. We are setting our own rules of the game - and winning.

Let us emphasise the two main points of our strategy once again - knowledge and innovation. Creativity is the soul of a business. Without innovation and innovative creativity, we will have only an empty shell, but we want to be and to remain a company with content.

Without innovation and innovative creativity, we will have only an empty shell, but we want to be and to remain a company with content.